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The Tranquillity

is a space where
questions find answers, messages unfold,

Holistic and Metaphysical realms blend;
thus opening a gateway to
Expanded Human Consciousness.

Nikki Dutta

Meet Nikki

Hello I’m Nikki - I am a born Medium, Psychic, and Natural Healer with a Holistic and Metaphysical approach. As a Spiritual & Meditation Coach I'm also a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioners who assists clients with Past life & Trauma regression and Quantum Healing.

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Our Offerings

Soul Integration Counselling

Soul Integration

You do not have a soul. You are a soul that has a body.
Soul has a journey of its own. Every time the soul reincarnates, it appends the information or imprints onto its soul journey
These soul imprints can be all sorts of experiences in life like aspects of traumas, happiness, talents... Read More

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

(Dolores Cannon Technique)

QHHT is a powerful and transformative healing modality that combines hypnosis and past life regression to access the deepest levels of your subconscious mind. Through this technique, you can gain profound insights into your past lives, understand the root causes... Read More

Shamanic Drumming & Breathwork Healing

Shamanic Drumming and
Breathwork Healings

“One Who Sees”, OR “One Who Knows T he Origin"
Shamans are highly spiritual men and women who are believed to be visionaries and spiritual intermediaries. They spend their lives in pursuit of connecting with the nature of the universe. Read More

Pyschic Mediumship

Mediumship Readings

Through my connection with these beings, I am able to tap into the energy and wisdom of the higher realms, providing guidance and support to those seeking answers and clarity in their lives.
I have developed a deep trust in the messages and insights I receive from my Team... Read More

Sound & Frequency Healing

Sound and
Frequency Healing

Most of the sounds we hear on a daily basis aren’t soothing or healing, and many of them are also inevitable. That’s where sound and frequency healing comes in as an incredibly helpful tool for resetting the nervous system and realigning our energy centers. Read More

One on One Personalized Coaching

One on One Personalized

Many people think the term spirituality relates to religion only, but it doesn’t have to. For some people, exploring their spirituality simply means exploring their higher purpose. The premise behind most models of spirituality is that we are all here for a reason. Read More

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