Nikki Dutta

Nikki Dutta, born and raised in a Hindu cultured family in the famous city of India called Mumbai. Since a very young age, she developed a strange understanding of “there is something more than what meets the eye”. Being always fascinated by ghosts, spirits and other higher dimension entities, she began evolving her intuition and gut instincts from a young age.

She used to narrate these spiritual experiences to her parents of having seen multidimensional beings, spirits and orbs around her. However, she did not find support in this area and did let her psychic abilities to be on hold for a long time.

While growing up, Nikki had varied interests, being highly creative, her mind used to see the world in a different light than others. Her beautiful mind made her incline towards art work, interior decorating, styling and cooking to name a few.

She later decided to move to London during the early 2000s for her higher education and finally decided to settle down with a successful career in hospitality and catering. Nikki being highly intuitive since a young age, was not using her innate psychic gifts in day to day life. But as her fate had it, she continued to receive messages from her higher self or the inner voice, which she always trusted and never ignored at any cost!

There was a hard time in Nikki’s life when her father bid her adieu and transitioned into the spirit world and that was it for her. This whole news came as the biggest shock to her and entire family. From then, she started to see her dad a few times in the spirit form just few hours after his death.

She used to get premonition dreams of her father passing away and only a month after him passing away, Nikki was blessed with the biggest awakening - the Kundalini Awakening, with the help of her father who by now have been transitioned into the spiritual realm.

Since then, there was no looking back for Nikki. She left her high paying and well established hospitality and catering business to focused fully on taking up spirituality, spiritual living and teaching as her only motive in life.

She started to talk with her dad in spirit form and with her higher self, guides, ancestors and other angels and multidimensional beings around her.

Her father being one of her spirit guides, opened the door of meditation to her, helped her to astral travel, do remote viewing, communicate with other spirits and higher beings and that led to opening up of her healing skills to an altogether a different level.

Nikki uses her other 4 psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. She even remembers most of her past lives and about her life in other dimensions. Upon remembering her life purpose for this lifetime on Earth, she since then have had started treading the spiritual path.

Nikki Dutta is a natural and trained certified medium apart from being a natural empath and healer. She has taken up the big responsibility of teaching and awakening people around her and for that she works tirelessly with other multidimensional and higher beings which form a part of her team of guides, spiritual ancestors and other angels supporting in all her psychic services to others.

Professional Expertise

She has studied in the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College for Advancement of Spiritualism & Psychic Science in Stansted UK - trained for mediumship, demonstration, psychic abilities and trance healing.

She has done her training in different modalities of psychic studies, healing and mediumship in London College of Psychic Studies. She has received the Training and Advanced Mediumship Certificate in London from the world -renowned medium Gordon Smith.

Nikki is a trained and certified practitioner from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy - started by Dolores Cannon in America in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique [QHHT].

Buddha sits in a garden with a lotus

She is also a fully trained Active Operational Remote viewer from the Expanded Consciousness Institute in America.

She is both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [CBT] and a Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP] Therapist and A Meditation Teacher and Breathwork Practitioner.

Nikki also worked with both Cold & Missing cases with the FBI and Metropolitan Police in the UK and is a fully Active Operational Remote viewer working on Assigned Cases.

Nikki being a Spiritual Coach & Counsellor, also helps clients with Past Life regression by retrieving the Akashic Records and take help of her spirit guides and other multidimensional beings during sessions with her global clients.

Certified Shamanic Practitioner and Gong Master. Sound Frequency & Vibrational Practitioner

Intitated in Kriya Yoga and affiliated with Self-Realisation Fellowship Community, LA, California

Fully Active Operational Remote viewer working on Assigned Cases