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Due to the immense success of my course for the last 4 years!
I'm now again introducing my new batch of Mentorship Training for this year 2023.

This will hone your skills in understanding Energy Flow, Spirit Communication, and how energy works in general. You must be knowing of how several times I have quoted, “We Are All Psychic!”. Yes, it is true. We all have unexplored innate psychic abilities. But not everyone knows how to use it. Let me help you in honing your psychic skills.

With this “Expansion of Consciousness Course” get ready to Receive spiritual messages from your higher self, guardian angels ancestors!

I will be helping you out extensively in making you use your energy the right way help you brush up your skills of lifetime unwrap your psychic gifts while expanding them in a very fun way. We’ll have various activities and exercises to hone in energy taught how to work with energy effectively. Will be aiding you with different tools to help you work explore this beautiful gift you have! Also, work on your Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work to help you self-heal as the expansion of consciousness takes place. Find yourself disrupting the old patterns and see the matrix fall apart, creating a sense of rejuvenation and a new improved self of yourself!

Note: We keep the seats limited as Nikki likes to keep the batch smaller so that the students can reach out to Nikki easily during the entire course duration (which is personal care and learning to help others). Our main agenda of creating this Certified Course training you one-on-one is to help you become a lightworker yourself! Hence, expect hope for sheer dedication, enthusiasm honesty from all my students. This course helps you learn; how to heal not only others but yourself too. Thereby, raising your vibration attracting what you want! With this course, you might see development of your Psychic Abilities and awareness grows multifold from here.

“Expansion of Consciousness”

This “Expansion of Consciousness” Course consists of 5 modules + 1 Certification Course. Yes, this course in itself is like a graduation!Every student will receive a certificate by the Metaphysics and Psychic Development Authorities, UK ( BASSM). That will be posted physically to your home address. But the certificates would be awarded to those who successfully complete the Advanced Course.

Course Curriculum

Let me guide you through the course curriculum:

  • Introduction to chakras
  • Introduction to Spirit guides
  • Being able to speak through cards
  • Colours and symbolism
  • Understanding inner healing
  • Opening and closing methods
  • Meditation methods
  • Healing energy Modalities
  • Working with Angelic Beings
  • Medical Intuitive training
  • One on one with a sitter
  • Psychic development training
  • Working individually with all Psychic Claires
  • Evidential Mediumship and Animal communication

  • 1 on 1 professional way to work with the sitter
  • Accurate compelling information for psychic mediumship
  • Channeling ways in different methods forms
  • Working with animal therapy communication
  • Medical intuitiveness
  • Healing modalities
  • Opening closing meditations
  • Removing any energies that are of disharmony
  • Honing energies in a much more better form manner

  • Creating confidence for sitter readings
  • Remote viewing methods and skills
  • Trance Mediumship in depth
  • More Sitter Readings

Students will also receive a special one-on-one, 30 mins meeting in a private Zoom session in this Course. A personal mentorship will be given by Nikki, when you reach closer to the end of the 4th Module. This is to help and offer extra support in advancing you up spiritually.

Its all about mastering and Identification of your abilities learned in the other past modules. Learning to create a Modality that helps you grow. Learning to handle one on one sessions with the help of the Modules learnt. Creating a competent Income and clientele base with the help of the Modality you create from this course.

  • Learning to engage in a longer period with spirit communication
  • Learning to receive answers from Spirits Communication
  • Working on sitting in power to engage better with Intuition/ Intuitiveness,
  • Working on pure Consciousness to evolve overall with Mediumship and Psychic Abilities
  • Learning basic Telekinesis and psychokinesis
  • Improve Psychic awareness to solve cold cases or working as a Psychic Detective
  • Giving Guest sitters a great experience with all types of Readings including Healings in a professional way.
  • Learning to give a Demonstration for Mediumship in front of online guest sitters.

All these 5 modules along with the Certificated Module is a professional course that will help you manage sitters customers well by yourself! And full development - one on one attention given to each student in the mentorship program! Now, all you have to do is - Join me, in this high-demand course - “Expansion of Consciousness”.

This course is open to both a mixed group of introductory / beginners to advanced level. Already few seats have been filled up due to the immense success of my previous batches. So, limited seats are available now!

Important Course Details

Where: On Zoom (from the comfort of your home) -
2 Hours LIVE Classes!
How Long Will This Online Graduation Course Will Be:

  • Module 1: 6 weeks
  • Module 2: 8 weeks
  • Module 3: 8 weeks
  • Module 4: 8 weeks
  • Module 5: 6 weeks
  • Advanced / Certified course: 6 weeks

Gap of 3 weeks in between after the end of each module.

Course Details Starts from: 7th May 2023, Sunday

  • Will held: Every Sunday
  • Timings: 10.30 AM UK
  • Time Duration: 2 Hours for a year (2023-2024)
  • Classes held on: Zoom (LIVE Classes)
  • Open for: Everyone (From beginners to advanced level)
    Original Fees: £2555.00 (if in Installments) £1888.00 - one-off payment.

Payment Details For You!
Those who wish to enroll early have a SURPRISE in store for them! Get LUCKY enroll in this course for £2555.00 which is the full price but a Discount of £1888.00 only if the full amount is paid before joining the course by 10th April 2024. So that you get eligible for the discount.

The full amount can be paid in easy installments, you can directly speak with Nikki about this.
To proceed with the payment,

Note: Please read the following very carefully!
Bank transfer (for students in the UK):NG Dutta 20-42-7640201324

Ref: EOC You can make the payment of £1888.00/- now on the Bank transfer for local (UK) students and the Cash App can be used for international transfers.
Payment plan available for students for installment payment 🙏Transfer can be made by Cash app (for international students) £NDutta7 or use email address -
Ref: EOC - Module You can also pay in Installments for your convenience.

More Information On The Certified Course - Expansion of Consciousness with Nikki Entire course length: Divided into 6 modules Breaks in the course: Will have a break of 3 weeks after completing a module to let you all ace the previous module properly.

Note: You'll get the 4 initial modules recorded out of the entire course. And these recordings will be shared with those who couldn't attend the LIVE classes or must have missed a certain class. And the remaining 2 Modules are non-recorded ones because of the sensitive nature of the teaching and sitters. Hence, we'd recommend you not miss the LIVE classes of these modules. Along with it, you would also receive a Zoom Link once you have successfully completed the registration for this course!

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