Shamanic Drumming and
Breathwork  Healing

The Shaman and The Drums

Shaman is an ancient Evenki that means
“One Who Sees”,
OR “One Who Knows The Origin”
Shamans are highly spiritual men and women who are believed to be visionaries and spiritual intermediaries. They spend their lives in pursuit of connecting with the nature of the universe.

Drums Often referred to as the
“Shaman’s Horse”,
the drum has a spirit and a name and it can take the Shaman travelling far into the other realms of existence- who then returns, with answers, gifts and sometimes even lost pieces of souls.

“The Great Spirit loves the drum so much, he gave everyone a heartbeat!”

About Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic Drums are sometimes called Sami Drums and are often used in rhythmic forms for Shamanic rituals, meditation journeys and ceremonies for centuries. It connects us with the primitive roots.

The ascending tempo can effectively induce deep trance states to help the Shaman and the client with their goals, that can be healing, meditation, to connect with spiritual guides.

Benefits of Shamanic Drumming

  • Connecting with your inner selves
  • Releasing emotional barriers
  • Accessing higher realms
  • Physical recovery
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Interpersonal improvements
  • Personal growth and transformation
About Breathwork

It is a form of conscious breathing. The awareness and the conscious control of the inhale and exhale through various techniques is designed to generate a specific mind-body response.

The most ancient practices describe the breath as the connecting element between the body and the life force within. During the practises the breath is manipulated because of it's ability to connect with spiritual forces/higher forces, and to the energy within.

Benefits of Shamanic Breathwork

• Shamanic breathwork is a potent therapeutic technique that employs rhythmic breathing, music, and focused intention to assist people in connecting with their inner selves, releasing emotional barriers, and accessing higher realms of consciousness. It’s been shown to encourage physical recovery, creativity enhancement, interpersonal improvement, and personal growth and transformation.

About Life Force Energy

“Life Force Energy” Prana can be translated from
Sanskrit as , “vital energy,” “breath of life,”
“spirit-energy,” or “vital principle”. This term is
used in yogic teachings as a general reference to
the manifest energy of the entire universe. This
original creative power
is constantly flowing around us and inside of us.

Connection between Breathwork and Life force Energy

Breath is directly linked to life force energy.

The relationship between breathwork and energy goes much deeper than many people think. Breathing is an automatic and often-overlooked natural body function that is the number one necessityfor keeping a person alive.

Therefore it is important to manipulate or change your breathing pattern to have a desired effect on the body for overall well-being.

Nikki’s Sessions

Nikki's Sessions

Nikki takes her session one on one.

The first thirty minutes of her session she talks to the client as it helps them open up.

She starts with breathwork which is for about fifteen minutes and other fifteen minutes to see how her client feels. Different breathing patterns can create an altered state of consciousness. This is when she can identify where an imbalance is. During this altered state, it’s possible for Nikki to tap into parts of the clients that needs healing.

Nikki starts with the shamanic rituals, she uses musical instruments. She then calls for her Shamanic Guides and with their guidance, she moves energy, remove blockages, and discover the core of a problem.

She also works with the Ancestral spirits with the client, if required during the sessions.

During this process, the soul explores multiple states of Being: dream state, subconscious, emotional, and spiritual. The soul does this by creating “channels” or “passages” that connect the brain and the spirit. These “channels” allow the spirit to interact with the brain, and the brain with the Superconsciousness.

In all it is around one hour and thirty minutes of session.

1.5 hours - in person session only