Soul Integration Counselling

About your Soul

It is the integration of certain aspects of soul imprints, that you are actually living in the moment. It is the counselling about why you are going through certain things.

We usually get influenced by other people or circumstances that we are no longer capable to connect with our inner-self on a daily basis - It is a form of neglect of the self, a disconnection from Source.

With a Healthy Soul there is no Sickness in the body - it is not possible.
The Dis-Ease of the Soul creates the disease of the body & the mind. So, we know that we want to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

We like to think that we want ourselves to only experience the positive, but both the light and the dark within us needs to be acknowledged in order for us to be whole.

The soul integration process allows all the above to happen.

How It Works ?

Soul to Life

It brings your Soul to LIFE!

Girl enjoying the nature

Clear imprints, forgive, and integrate affected parts.

Soul Path to Spiritual Journey

Heal trauma, release imprints, find wholeness for soul's path.

Healing requires a strong commitment to yourself and courage to explore the source of the pain which you have been avoiding out of fear, and to take action on it.

Soul Path to Spiritual Journey
How does Nikki takes her Soul Integration Counselling Sessions

Everyone’s SIC sessions is different, based on what is best for your current needs

Nikki makes sure that you feel safe discussing your specific needs and setting a vision for what you want to achieve through healing

Her sessions can last from
min 2 hours or more.

Certain people go through deep healing during SIC and the healing continues through the night

Nikki usually takes SIC sessions along with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) sessions, since SIC sessions help in opening up a person before going deep into your past lives or lives between lives or life in a higher plane wherever you Higher self wants to take you for your greater good.

Being an evidential medium Nikki also picks up messages and guidance from your loved once from the other side/ your Higher self/your spirit guides.

She is also a channeler where you can particularly ask for your loved one whom you want to speak to.

She taps into the energies and tells you about your past/present/future and your purpose in life.

She works on medical intuitiveness wherein any physical illness can be recognised and worked on.

Nikki also works with Akashic records to retrieve information about YOU, as required for your healing (Akashic records can be looked upon as a memory bank containing details about everything that has happened in the Universe and every spirit and the many lives you have lived in).

How does it feel after the session

The purpose of Soul Integration therapy is to gently support you as you are seeking to deepen your understanding of your personal journey towards a more meaningful and connected life. When you are able to connect to your Soul's purpose you feel complete and able of living a purposeful life. Soul Integration also offers great support when dealing with ongoing or unresolved grief for the loss of a loved one, a much dear pet, a relationship or the sense of who you are.

Can be done online / in person
2 - 2.5 hours one session

Follow up sessions are only 1 hour