Sound and Frequency Healing

“Sound is the nutrient for the nervous system, love your ears… they are much more important than you ever realised.”

About Sound and Frequency Healing

Most of the sounds we hear on a daily basis aren’t soothing or healing, and many of them are also inevitable. That’s where sound and frequency healing comes in as an incredibly helpful tool for resetting the nervous system and realigning our energy centers.

Listening to sacred sounds brings healing energy

It’s well known that The Law of Vibration activates the Law of Attraction

Vibrational healing, also called, sound healing, frequency healing, or vibrational medicine, uses the vibration of objects that resonate (such as bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other instruments) as well as the human voice to soothe the body and mind, access a deeper state of meditation, and stimulate healing


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Relieves tensions and pains

528Hz Icon


Repairs the DNA

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Facilitates change

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Releases fear and guilt

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Awakens Intuition

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Heals Relationship

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Connects with lights and spirits

Modalities of SFH

Nikki uses current needs. Nikki makes sure that you feel different instruments for her sound and frequency healing sessions.

Tuning Forks
Tuning Forks
Crystal Bowls / Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystal Bowls / Tibetan Singing Bowls
Gong Baths
Gong baths
(only during retreats )

Tuning Forks:- Within the tuning forks, there is Earth/Moon/Sun vibrations, Planetary vibrations, among others in middle, low, and high frequencies that are used on or above the body. The example of the Earth vibration (C#) is both balancing and grounding, whereas the Mars vibration (D) stimulates, and builds Qi and Blood

Crystal Bowls/Tibetein Singing Bowls:- The sound from CRYSTAL BOWLS travels in sound waves and enters into the body, releasing energy blockages that may be causing bad vibrations.

Gong Baths:- The Gong is so magical and powerful. The vibration of the Gong penetrates every cell of the body, mind and spirit.

1.5 hours - in person session only