Terms, Conditions & Information For Courses / Programs or Workshops!

All courses and workshops are under the sole tutorship of Nikki Dutta. Should any unavoidable reason occur (health or technological issues etc) where a session could not go ahead or issues in connectivity, an alternative date will be arranged, or extra time will be added in classes to compensate.

Mediumship demonstrations done by Nikki over the course of these programs/ workshops are live events only and recordings will not be available after the live event.

Ongoing participation in this course will rely on installment payments being up to date and paid by each given due date. Failure to stick to the payment schedule will be taken as withdrawal from the course.

Voluntary withdrawal from the programme will not be liable for course fee refunds. It is to remember that once you attend the 1st class, The Tranquility is not liable for initiating any refund to you. Also, if you wish to discontinue the program in between or anytime, then The Tranquility is not liable to provide you the refund of the payment made by you [either full or partial].

Nikki reserves the right to withdraw participation from any student not deemed suitable. Payment will be refunded pro-rata and an administration cost of £25 will be applied.

If the host’s ability to offer this service is terminated by reason of death during the course period, this Agreement shall terminate without further obligations to the hosts legal representatives under this Agreement if the course has commenced.

Private Sessions times are released throughout the programmes ( please refer to your individual course curriculum ) for your x2 private mentoring sessions – Which will be mentioned later stages in development programs. Once you have selected and agreed to your date and time, any ‘no shows’ or late cancelations, except in extenuating circumstances (bereavement and severe health) will count as one of your two sessions.

NOTE: Students will be required to have email, internet for the online usage of studies.

Homework will be given in some courses that will work on the development of students and one on one encouragement will be given as per requirement for personal development by Nikki to students.

We use the Zoom platform for webinars – this is free and you do not need to have a Zoom account. Private appointments are also offered via Zoom, however on occasions where this is not possible we make requests you connect with Nikki via Telegram, so you may also need a free Telegram account. All students agree to a code of respect in on a Group Forum and please refrain from using personal opinions or disharmony in the group forum.

All Group Forums created in WhatsApp or Telegram are purely for homework use, sharing Meditation music and other materials or messages about the course.

Our aim is to make all attendees feel comfortable, secure, and safe whilst sharing any experiences.

Students who violate the code of respect in the group forum or in an online class forum in any means, Nikki Dutta, the founder has all the authority to expel/remove such students or members or individuals from her program/course, and there will be no refund given for the violation.

Also, all webinars and Zoom sessions are not to be shared with those, not on this programme, broadcast or uploaded to any other platform. We take the privacy of all attending very seriously.

Recordings are sent to students or attendees who have been absent for the particular class only.

NOTE: These are strictly live classes and attending them live is encouraged in the course/program.